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Because who doesn't have questions?

What exactly does Catholic Office do?

Catholic Office has a number of features, but its primary focus is on master calendaring. If you've ever worked at a place with a bunch of meeting rooms, you probably have some experience with scheduling rooms for your meetings. Someone somewhere has to keep track of all the meetings that take place to make sure that two meetings aren't trying to happen at the same time in the same place. Catholic Office aims to handle this for you. Gone are the days of keeping a paper (or Google!) calendar of all events taking place, and painstakingly hand writing down all the details of every single one. We handle conflict detection, room booking, event requests, registrations, RSVPs, and a host of other things!

Who runs this?

Catholic Office is owned, operated, and developed by a Catholic priest in his free time.

How much does this calendaring service cost?

We try to keep costs low by pooling resources for our clients. We charge a nominal fee of $45/mo or $35/mo depending on monthly or annual billing, which includes unlimited users, events, and access to any new features we release.

Where can I find help or customer support?

If you're already a subscriber, or you're just interested in the inner workings of the service, you can head over to our help docs here.

For customer support, you'll need to send us an email! We don't publish that publicly (too much spam), check your inbox for an email we've sent you in the past to get access to that info. Just reply to any email you've recevied from us and you'll be in communcation with us in no time.

Alternatively, you can just go to our Contact page and send us a message.