Your parish office, simplified.

Effortlessly schedule events & rooms, take RSVPs, send out invitations to your guests and so much more!

Sick Calls ━ Priest running to the hospital for last rites? Logged.
Invites & RSVPs ━ Send invites, receive RSVPs. Know who and how many are attending your events.
Mass Intentions ━ Your parishioners can reserve and donate for Mass intentions from the comfort of their own home.

Like features? We've gottem.

This is up-to-date as of right now, but trust me when I tell you, there's more to come.


Event Booking

Every staff member, and any volunteers you grant access to, are able to book rooms and schedule events for the parish or their particular ministry.

Conflict Detection

We keep watch over your events, detecting and preventing conflicts between events and their room reservations so you don't have to.

Multi-level Approval System

Staff/volunteers submit event requests to their immediate supervisor, who then approves at their level before it makes its way to the Calendar Administrator for final approval.

Automatic Reminders

Constantly forgetting you have a Confirmation Class the 3rd Sunday of the month? We'll be sure to remind you ahead of time. All events have email reminders built-in.


Need a headcount for who's coming to your next event? No need to rely on the ad-supported options out there. We offer this as an option for every event you book.


Just as important as your RSVPs are the invitations you send out. Design on CANVA, or any other platform, upload to our servers, and we'll send out those emails to all or part of your contact list.

Sick Calls

We make tracking sick calls, and notifying the priests and extraordinary ministers a breeze. All handled online with a few clicks.

Event Log

When one receptionist is ending their shift and the next is starting, what information needs to get passed on? We've built an intuitive platform for just this scenario. Key logs, sick calls, irate callers, someone's coming to drop something off, whatever the case, we got you covered.

Mass Intentions

A constant complaint from younger parishioners is the inability to request Masses online. Every parish has unique requirements, like only allowing the next 3 months to be requested, or only one request per parishioner per week, or you name it. Set your own rules, sitback, and let our system take care of the rest.
Feature Highlight

Accept Mass Intentions Online

Apple and Google Pay

By leveraging Swipe's API, we're able to help you accept all major credit cards, ACH, wire transfers, AND Apple Pay and Google Pay!

Custom Rules

You decide what rules are enforced when parishioners reserve a Mass Intention. Only one intention request per week, never the same intention more than once a month, only open the next month after this month has closed, you name it. You're in charge.

Mass Intentions

Mass Intentions are a vital part of parish ministry. Making it easy to access for homebound parishioners, young parishioners, and even people who watch your livestream from out of state is just good stewardship.

Always know what you’ll pay, transparent pricing for everyone.

Free Trial

30 day free trial for all parishes, regardless of how many users.


  • Unlimited staff
  • Unlimited volunteers
  • Unlimited events & RSVPs
  • Unlimited locations & rooms
  • Embedable Calendar
  • Master Calendaring
  • Event Logging
  • Sick Calls
  • Mass Intentions
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Monthly Subscription

Paid monthly, this comes to $540/yr.


  • Everything in the Free Trial
  • 24 month data retention
  • Send Invitations to Events
  • 24/7 service access
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Annual Subscription

Monthly cost for an annual subscription, paid yearly at $420/yr.


  • $120/yr savings
  • Everything in the Free Trial
  • 24 month data retention
  • Send Invitations to Events
  • 24/7 service access
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Diocesan Level

Massive discounts for diocesan level subscriptions.

Custom Pricing

  • Discount for all parishes
  • Everything in Free Trial
  • Super Admin for Diocese
  • Send Unlimited Inivitations
  • Diocesan Level Support
  • 24 month data retention
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